Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Campaign Style 2012: Michelle Obama Edition

If you've been following the 2012 Election, you've surely noticed the fashion face-offs between Michelle Obama and Ann Romney (and let's be serious - Janna Ryan and Dr. Jill Biden haven't been looking too shabby either). There have been scathing articles about the costs of dresses and criticisms of fashion choices, but most of all it's been a lesson in personal style. 

It's impossible to say that Michelle Obama doesn't have a defined sense of style. It's clear from her signature sleeveless A-line dresses and her delicate kitten heels that she knows how to dress the part of First Lady.

This First Lady seriously loves A-line dresses! She picks delicate prints and often pairs her dresses with ladylike flats or low heels. She shows off her super toned arms (there are articles and workout plans dedicated to them!) with sleeveless dresses and cinches her waist with thick belts! If you're looking for a modern lady to copycat, Michelle Obama is a good place to start!

What's your favorite campaign look? Do you have a signature article of clothing?

1 comment:

  1. I adore her classy style! It's nice to see a younger, stylish presidents wife! She's lovely!