Monday, August 23, 2010

dorm room!

So I'm settled in! My parents have gone home, and I'm really missing them. They really helped me get everything together before they left though! My stuff is all organized, I have plenty of yummy snacks, and my floor is clean! Here is a picture of part of my room!

I'm so happy that I got the super bright bedspread! It makes my room just a little bit happier looking! 
Anyway, I'm here and I'm happy. This week campus is crazy with tons of events mostly featuring free food (fabulous!) and music. It's going to be awesome!

More updates soon! XOXO,

Saturday, August 21, 2010


After what seemed like an eternal wait i'm finally in college! I have had the most amazing four days! I love everyone, literally everyone, that I have met so far. Just when I was starting to really miss my family, my parents came into town. It's been awesome! 

Tonight my parents and I started the move in and set up process, so we will hopefully be finished by tomorrow night! I'll put up pictures! For now though, I have to get some shut eye. I'm exhausted!


Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I love the idea of scrap booking. I love that you have all your pictures in this one place and it's pretty and organized and you can enjoy them. The problem is whenever I start a scrap booking project I lose motivation halfway through and then I never finish. So I waste a book and supplies and a lot of time. 


This morning I was on Martha Stewart's website (shocking, I know) and I saw the coolest scrap book ideas. I am now determined to make an awesome scrap book over winter break! That gives me plenty of time to work up the motivation, and plan out exactly what I want to do. Then, I can take my pretty scrap book back to college with me, and I will be able to look through it when I get homesick. I'm excited.

This is my favorite!   

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

packing it in

College is coming. Fast. Almost all my clothes are packed, my Wal-mart order has been placed, and there is less than a week until I leave (159 hours, not that I'm counting or anything). I've already said goodbye to a few people, and to be honest I'm getting a little nostalgic. I keep thinking about that scene from Father of the Bride where George Bank's daughter says "I know I can't stay, but I don't want to go." It's weird knowing that some of the people who I depended on to get me through high school won't be a part of my life anymore. Not that I like them any less, but I'll be 2,000 miles away and we're moving on with our lives. It's sad.

I'm going to miss all the bubble tea shops, my favorite froyo place, having a two-story Target, eating Baked & Wired cupcakes, being able to run on the C&O canal, and most of all my friends and my family.

As cool as Texas is, I'm going to miss Maryland.

My dresses & shoes suitcase. Yes, it takes a whole suitcase.

College Countdown: 6 days

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

blockhouse trail

I love blockhouse trail. It's right off river road, you park on the side of the road, and go for a walk (kind of a hike) and end up on a cliff that overlooks the Potomac river, and part of the C&O canal. The views are beautiful especially in the summer and the fall. It's one of my favorite places and I'm going to miss being able to get to it in ten minutes next year.

Oh by the way, 13 days til college. I'm not panicking. Not at all.