Saturday, February 23, 2013

Floral Wall Sculpture DIY

After I moved into my new house, I found that I had a lot of empty wall space. I looked at oversized prints and posters but I wasn't happy with the idea of having so many on my walls. So, I started looking for other things to decorate with but I couldn't find anything I really liked. I decided to make something with dimension to add depth and interest. 

I came up with a floral wall sculpture. Here's how it turned out!

If you like it, and you think you might want to make it, here's the how I did it!


- 200 coffee filters
- 50 (+) styrofoam cups 
(exactly how many depends on how big you want your sculpture)
- Water color paint
- A paint brush
- A hot glue gun & hot glue
- A hanging hook with adhesive

Start off hot gluing styrofoam cups together. You'll want to cut some of them down so that they're not all exactly the same height. Keep gluing them together until you get a shape you're happy with.

Once you've gotten the skeleton of the sculpture done, you're going to start making coffee filter flowers. This is the hard part. You're going to (very lightly!) paint all the coffee filters the color you want before you make them into flowers.
This is the flower-making method I used, but there are about a million different ways to do it. Find a way that works for you, because you're going to be making a lot of them!


After you've made a whole bunch of flowers, you're going to start hot gluing them onto the sculpture skeleton.

The best way is to put hot glue all around the top of the cup and to press the flower down on top. Once you have a few flowers glued down, it helps if you put a little glue on the surrounding flowers too. Then, just keep gluing flowers down. 

When you're ready to hang your sculpture, hang the hook first. Then, push the sculpture onto the hook (you're going to make a hole in one of the cups).

And, that's it! 

The whole sculpture costs about ten dollars to make and takes about five hours to finish. Overall, I'm pretty happy with the result! 

I hope you like it too!