Friday, June 4, 2010

i'm a high school graduate!

i've been waiting all year (four years really), and there were times that i wondered if it would ever happen, but yesterday i finally graduated from high school!

i wish i could say that i have no regrets, that high school has been a completely wonderful experience - but it hasn't. not that i'm saying it was terrible, but i am happy to be done.

all day yesterday i alternated between excitement, nostalgia, and panic for what next year will bring. i laughed a lot, cried a little, and said goodbye to childhood and free education. from now on, everything completely depends on me. and it's scary.

but, for now, i'm focusing on the next few months. and they will be blissful. no summer reading, no summer math packet, no schoolwork. the only things i have to worry about are my job, shopping for college supplies, and truly enjoying the time i have left with my friends and family before i go to texas, and my friends head to their own colleges. it's going to be an awesome summer!

i hope you enjoy the gorgeous sunny weather!


  1. I linked to you through another blog! Molly I'm so glad you have a blog! Congratulations on graduating!!!

  2. Molly, you are so stinkin adorable, I miss you!