Thursday, May 13, 2010


in the next few weeks i have a lot of lasts.

today was my last real, full day of school. tomorrow is my last AP exam, next week is my last day of internship, and 99 days from today is my last night sleeping in my very own bed. lasts are everywhere. and to be honest, it's a little bit sad. maybe sad is the wrong word - it's bittersweet. although i've been waiting for four years to get to this point, i'm a little sad that i will never have this time again. there are people that i will never see again, things i will never be able to do again, and luxuries that simply won't be available anymore. i'm trying to focus on the positive, but it's hard not to be a little nostalgic. i've really enjoyed this year, and i will continue to relish the upcoming moments - graduation, my trip to scotland, shopping for my dorm room, college orientation, all that will be fun. but i want everyone who has been in my life for the last four years to know that i appreciate them, and the experiences we shared. it's been good times.


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