Monday, June 14, 2010

good things - martha stewart

in case you didn't know, i love martha stewart. i think the woman is a genius. i love her show, i love her website, i love her products. today, i decided that i wanted to do something creative so i perused the martha stewart website and although i didn't use any of her ideas, i was inspired. and found a few good things that i wanted to share.

a do-it-yourself (of course) necklace. it's made from costume jewelry spray painted and then strung onto ribbon. simple, elegant, easy. i love it.

an outdoor table with a candle chandelier made by hanging candles from an umbrella. it's gorgeous, but casual enough to use at a barbecue. definitely a good thing.

speaking of barbecues this chicken burger looks delicious. it's healthier than a beef burger, but just as easy to make. yum!

and last, but definitely not least, the coconut sundae. very summery, very chic, and i'm absolutely certain very delicious.

martha stewart - i love you! i can't wait to try out all your ideas.


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