Wednesday, February 11, 2009

taking the temperature

the past few days we have had the most gorgeous weather, beautiful sunny days and i am so grateful! i have been in the best mood, and i really think that it is all because of the weather! i was out walking, and i was only wearing a tee shirt, and i realized that i wasn't shivering or cold at all.

i can't wait for spring!

in a little while i'm going to tie quilts for the seniors, which is so exciting and sad. i will miss everyone who is leaving so much but at the same time i know they are going to grow and have amazing experiences. it's weird to think that it will never be like this again...

every day i get college brochures in the mail and i am starting to realize that i will be applying to college this year. in less than six months. i feel like i've waited my whole life to get to right now and suddenly it's really scary. i'm ready to go to college and be independent but i know that i will miss right now. so even though it's junior year, and life is stressful i am determined to enjoy every day because it will never be like this again :]

hugs and kisses,


  1. so true, enjoy every moment.
    can you believe next year we will by tying your quilt.

  2. I LOVE YOU!!!! whatever you decide/do, you can always come visit me :)!