Sunday, February 8, 2009

first post!

i'll admit it: i was peer pressured into blogging :]

i keep hearing about brooke's adorable blog, and the "one hundred things" posts, and i wanted to try it!
so i came home today and made myself a blog...

the thing is now i feel like i have to personalize it, and make it perfect. so i'll probably spend the rest of my day trying to get the format just right, and customizing my page, and all that good stuff!

wish me luck! i love you all!

your new blogger,


  1. Haha I love it Molly! I'm glad you got one :) It's so addicting, huh? You have to get a 'followers' gadget under the layout bar so i can follow youuuu

  2. How do you know sign language?

    Good luck!

  3. itis great i love it!!
    way to go!
    I can't wait to read over your hundred list. has some great free backgrounds and ways to make it personal.