Monday, February 9, 2009

the big 100

following the trend, here's 100 things about me:

1. i secretly love being a redhead, i can't imagine having another hair color.
2. i wish i was a better artist.
3. when it thunderstorms in the summer, my mom and i watch "candleshoe" and make chocolate chip cookies.
4. i don't sleep past 8 o'clock in the morning unless i'm sick.
5. my parents didn't name me for 2 weeks, by that time the nurses were already calling me molly.
6. i love giving massages.
7. i am indecisive.
8. i think audrey hepburn and princess grace are great!
9. i wonder how other people see me.
10. i love chocolate chip banana muffins.
11. i know sign language.
12. saint patrick's day is my favorite holiday because my mom makes green eggs and green orange juice.
13. when i like a song, i listen to it on repeat until i get sick of it.
14. i get along better with boys than girls.
15. i want to live in a city.
16. i am the youngest of 3, but people who don't know my family think i'm the oldest.
17. the national gallery is one of my favorite places on earth.
18. i like it when people play with my hair.
19. i miss playing basketball.
20. when i get really, really mad i cry.
21. i think president bush is a very cute person.
22. j.crew is my favorite store.
23. whole foods is my favorite grocery store.
24. i take exactly 15 minutes to get ready if i know what i'm wearing.
25. i love to go running.
26. when i was little i couldn't say "grilled cheese sandwich", so i'd say "girled cheese sandwish."
27. i had my first crush in 1st grade; his name was t.j.
28. i think accents are hott.
29. i like people-watching.
30. i am completely, and totally tone deaf, but i wish i could sing.
31. i think that i have the best friends in the whole world.
32. i am still scared of big dogs.
33. i wish that i could eat pad thai every day.
34. i can't do a push-up.
35. my favorite color is grassy green.
36. my mom used to sing "good golly miss molly" to me when we drove around.
37. i think that the beauty is in the imperfections.
38. on sunday nights i do crazy make up that i think is gorgeous but would never wear out of the house.
39. i am really bad at math.
40. i think dresses are the perfect article of clothing.
41. i am the most non-confrontational person you will ever meet.
42. i take online iq tests.
43. i should think more before i speak.
44. if my parents would let me, i would go to college in europe.
45. i don't think zac effron is hott.
46. i like to hang out in small groups because then you can really have a good conversation with people.
47. i have vacationed in west virginia.
48. i wish that i was 6 feet tall.
49. in 5th grade i wanted to be a zoologist.
50. i don't understand why ground hog's day is a holiday.
51. my favorite drinks are water and vanilla soy milk.
52. i look at wedding dresses and think "i want that one!" every time.
53. i like to make lists.
54. i don't like the name "molly."
55. i used to play the piano and the violin.
56. i worry that i won't get into a good college.
57. i think that every time i look at a clock at 1:16 i have good luck.
58. i love people who have big noses, i think it gives their face character.
59. vanilla and citrus are my favorite scents.
60. i can't watch a scary movie without screaming, and squeezing someone's hand.
61. i am dyslexic.
62. i used to try to be exactly like my big sisters.
63. i love to take pictures.
64. i am jealous of women who know how to use power tools.
65. facial piercings kind of creep me out.
66. i like to doodle.
67. i have always wanted to read the dictionary.
68. my favorite word is "peppermint" because it's so contradictory and delicious.
69. i love "portrait of the artist's wife" by matisse even though most people think it's creepy.
70. when my mom gets freaked out she speaks "albanian", when i get freaked out i speak "chinese."
71. i like my room to be a little bit messy so it feels lived in.
72. i don't like neon colors.
73. i want to be a vegetarian.
74. i worry that people think that my sisters are smarter, and prettier and more talented than i am because i think that they are.
75. the kid i liked in third grade is now an underarmor model.
76. whenever i take career tests they say that i should become a secretary, personal assistant or receptionist.
78. i like going camping.
79. i love mcdonald's hash browns.
80. i am completely unable to line dance.
81. i don't want to change my name when i get married.
82. i can't wait to be able to vote!
83. i only like campbell's chicken noodle soup.
84. once i care about you, i will always care about you, even if we don't talk anymore.
85. i think lemurs are the coolest animals ever.
86. i wish i could speak french.
87. i would rather die of heat than of cold.
88. i love sweaters, especially cardigans.
89. i think glue guns are completely awesome!
90. when i was 8 i told my mom that the only thing i wanted for christmas was a kate spade bag.
91. one time people told their kids i was the little mermaid so they wouldn't cry while i was babysitting them.
92. i love to cuddle with people.
93. i drink way too much hot chocolate.
94. i like to blast music when i'm in the car.
95. i love shoes, especially flats and heels.
96. asparagus is my favorite vegetable.
97. my sisters call me "m-dub" and "schmolls."
98. whenever little kids say "mommy," i think they're saying "molly" and i turn around.
99. i've always wanted curly hair.
100. i had braces for 5 years.

love you guys!

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