Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Things That Make Me Happy

  1.  Being able to find constellations in the sky at night
  2.  Having a good hair day
  3. When a song ends just as I'm getting out of the car
  4. Waking up a few minutes before my alarm goes off
  5. Knowing I aced a test before I get the grade back
  6. Noticing that birds are singing
  7. Knowing every line of a song
  8. Saying the same thing as my friend at the same time
  9. The smell of fabric softener
  10. The tired feeling in your muscles after a good workout
  11. Knowing the perfect word to describe something
  12. When I smile at a stranger at the same time they smile at me
  13. Slip on shoes
  14. Getting a letter in the mail
  15. Putting on a blanket right after it comes out of the dryer

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