Monday, July 12, 2010

matching difficulties

recently i've been having a lot of trouble matching colors. at this point you're probably thinking "are you serious? how old are you?" but i am dead serious.

yesterday, for example i was getting ready for church and i put on a light pink shirt with a light green skirt. i liked the colors together, but i couldn't decide if they actually matched. if you've ever been shopping with me you know that i often love things that i know are ugly, so this is a legitimate concern for me. so i showed my mom and she definitively said no. then, after i changed my sister asked "why did you change?"

and again this morning, i am having matching difficulties. do gray and green match? i mean, personally i like the combination, but i'm not sure about it. so like any normal person in a quandry, i googled it. this was useless. depending on which link i clicked there were people who insisted that it did match, and people ranting and raving about how hideous it was.

so i ask you: DOES THIS MATCH?!

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