Saturday, March 13, 2010

brands i love

this year i have had the opportunity to be an intern at a personal-shopping service, and a local boutique. i have thoroughly enjoyed my experiences at both, and have learned so much. one of the most fun parts of my internships was getting to know different brands of clothing better. over the past six months i have discovered some fun and unique brands that i love. hopefully, you'll love them too!

pink pineapple - this is a super-cute and super-preppy line. it's headquartered in rhode island, and it reminds me of vineyard vines, but more fashion-forward. their clothes are really, really comfortable and they come in beautiful, bright colors.

nicole miller - everything in this line is very femenine. the detailing in these clothes is incredible. i love, love, love her formal dresses.

alberto makali - at first, i really didn't like most of his designs, but i have come to find that when they're worn in the right way, they are some of the most beautiful, and unique clothes for sale. even better, most of them are machine-wash, and no one else will be wearing the same thing!

barami - this line features original designs that you can (and will want to) wear every day. their pieces look great worn casually, but can be dressed up. they are very innovative, but not so much that you would be scared to wear their clothes.

as much as i love these lines, i love the people i got to work with even more. they are amazing, and they have taught me a lot. not only about clothing, but about business and life. i hope that next time you're in the mood to shop you check them out! enjoy!


secrets of fashion (personal-shopping service)
imagine boutique

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